Birthday Weekend

7th April 2016

It’s my birthday in April which is also the hottest month in Thailand. 40+ degrees isn’t nice but i’m getting about on the moped which is keeping me cool.

Saturday morning I had to sort out something with my bike. Afterwards, I did the usual tourist thing and headed to the markets in the city. When I first came to Chiang Mai I didn’t spend long enough at Wat Chedi Luang so I went there for a look about. It’s an old crumbling stupa with some surrounding buildings and it’s nice to just sit and chill out.

Tuk Tuk at Warorot Market - Chiang Mai, Thailand
Tuk Tuk at Warorot Market – Chiang Mai, Thailand
Packed Songthaew - Chiang Mai, Thailand
Packed Songthaew – Chiang Mai, Thailand

I’m getting used to Chiang Mai by now, i’ve been and done everything in the city. I went on a ride out of the city up the nearest mountain; Doi Suthep for a laugh. The road is steep and windy which was a good fun going up on the moped.

Doi suthep is just a standard tourist place but riding up, you can stop off at lookout points. The view over Chiang Mai wasn’t nice, all you can see is haze. There are a load of waterfalls up the mountain, but they are all dry because Thailand is supposed to be in a drought.

Doi Suthep - Chiang Mai, Thailand
Doi Suthep – Chiang Mai, Thailand

Thai Police

This month i’ve been riding about on the moped without a Thai license. I haven’t had any problems with the police all month. Until the weekend of my birthday when I get pulled over twice. The first time I had to pay a 500THB (£10) bribe to the police. The second time was on my birthday and they wanted 1000THB and I managed to haggle him down to 400THB. Nothing better than paying the police bribes for my birthday.

I Had A Chilled Out Birthday

Instead of going up a mountain on my moped I decided to just spend the day in the swimming pool in the 38 degree heat. Not a bad way to spend my birthday. Getting stopped twice in a weekend isn’t good. Now i’m sketching out about going out too far on the bike. In the evening I was planning on going out to a robot sushi restaurant but it’s a bit far to go on the bike. I decided to just go for sushi in somewhere closer instead.

I had a chilled out birthday and now my month in Thailand is almost up. I know you can extend your stay at the embassy but 40+ degrees every day isn’t nice. I’m going to Bangkok for a few days on the weekend then off to Malaysia on the last day of my 30 day stay in Thailand.