Belgrade, Serbia

26th September 2016

Belgrade seems to me like the most famous city in the Balkans so it was my last stop before heading east. I know a few Serbs and have met many in the Balkans the past few weeks and they all recommend Belgrade.

Church of Saint Mark - Belgrade, Serbia
Church of Saint Mark – Belgrade, Serbia

I got into Belgrade bus station from Sarajevo and jumped straight into some old ass taxi. The driver was telling me jokes and showing  landmarks whilst driving through the city at questionable speeds.  I checked into the Karavan Inn hostel. It’s the nicest and cleanest hostel i’ve seen in Europe.

Initial impressions of Belgrade were good. It’s just like any other modern European city. That’s great but it’s not why I travel; I want to see something a bit different, different cities, weird places.

Food market in Belgrade, Serbia
Food market in Belgrade, Serbia

This post is going to be super short because I didn’t get up to much besides drinking beer. One evening I sat up on the Kalemegdan and you can see over the rivers which is pretty chilled out.

Going to Belgrade I didn’t know what to expect. Walking around the city just seemed like I could have been in Budapest or some other city. Belgrade seems like an awesome place to live or go for a long weekend drinking.

Graff in Belgrade, Serbia
Graff in Belgrade, Serbia

My stay in Serbia was short and not exactly eventful but Belgrade was a nice city. I’m slowly learning to read the Cyrillic alphabet as trying to get about in some of these countries is hard. Next stop is Timisoara. Romania is a big country so I may stay for a while or just see a few towns and cities en route to Moldova.

Respect for this lady feeing about 30 cats - Belgrade, Serbia
Respect for this lady feeing about 30 cats – Belgrade, Serbia