Bangkok to Chiang Mai Via Sleeper Train

10th September 2015

After a few days in Bangkok, I got an overnight second class sleeper train from Hua Lamphong, Bangkok to Chiang Mai for about £14 which took 13 hours. I could have flew in an hour and for only a bit more but I wanted to get the overnight train. I’d definitely recommend it. An other alternative to flying is getting the VIP bus. I’ve got the VIP bus before but that was uncomfortable, cost more and took about the same time.

Once on the train I had 13 hours to kill. If anybody does this journey or any similar then I advise you to take food on board. I went to the restaurant cart and got a meal that consisted of the greasy curry, dry and stale rice and some dirty looking pork.

After being put off my food, I spent the night not really doing much in my little bed compartment and despite me being 6 foot 6 (198cm) tall I was good. I took a brief walk about on the train once every one was asleep to find a place to charge my phone so, as it happens there’s plugs all over the place but most of them didn’t work.

The bed was a similar size to staying in a hostel bunkbed. I was expecting to be really cramped, but the lower bunks look wider and generally a better choice than the upper bunk. You get a window view from the lower bunk whereas the top you get nothing.

On the Bangkok to Chiang Mai Overnight Sleeper Train

Overall the train was decent and it was good to wake up in the morning to a view of the rolling mountains which would wouldn’t get from a plane journey. Once off the train I headed straight to the apartment I had found online called The Mirror (website currently down) which was a really big suprise and first impressions of the place and surrounding area were definitely great. I will look forward to staying here and keep everyone posted on how my stay is.

Appoligies for the poor quality of the images in this post. The image of the apartment was ripped from their website and the image of the train was shot at a stupid ISO so the quality is down. I’m not used to using a camera yet and it will take some time to get used to the controls.