Bangkok and onto Cambodia

17th July 2016

Flights out of Thailand are cheaper from Bangkok so I decided to travel down from Chiang Mai.  I am heading on to Siem Reap, Cambodia after a few nights in Bangkok. You can get a 6 hour bus to Cambodia but I decided to just get a flight, it’s cheap enough and im not much of a “backpacker”. Chiang Mai to Bangkok cost about ฿1000 (can’t remmeber how much) and Bangkok to Siem Reap cost me ฿2000.

It turns out that I overstayed my visa in Thailand and luckily they let me through and just wrote a note in my passport. Jokes on them because i’m about to get a new passport.

Hectic Bangkok
Hectic Bangkok


I got into Bangkok super late one night and had things to do the following day so I didn’t have much time to see the city. Bangkok has been super hot and stuffy when i’ve visited in the past but this time it was so nice.

Lumpini park quiet so I headed there to chill out in the sun and watch some big ass lizards. Strolling into the park you could hear some music off in the distance. Lumpini park must be where all the fitness people go after work and there was about 300 people all doing some sort of zumba. I would see loads old women dancing in the street in China but this was on another level. They even had a sound system and an MC. At 6PM the national anthem goes off and everybody stops then once it’s over they started again. I didn’t get any good photos and I only saw one lizard.

Baby labour - Silom, Thailand
Baby labour – Silom, Thailand
Yaowarat Road - Bangkok China Town, Thailand
Yaowarat Road – Bangkok China Town, Thailand

With only one night in Bangkok before heading off to Cambodia, I had to go to china town. It’s so hectic, loads of great food and plenty of weird stuff too.

Yaowarat road (china town) at night is lined with street food, neon signs and a lot of people. Walking past the shops selling bird nests and the butchers with pigs faces hanging up in the window, you know your in china town.  Street food in Bangkok is everywhere and china town gets packed out with street food vendors. I sat down at a makeshift restaurant with the whole kitchen set up out the front. Health and safety inspectors wouldn’t be happy, they had dead frogs and fish next to the veggies. I decided not to order frogs and just just had some kung pao chicken and a beer. Not too bad for ฿150 (about £3).

Heading back to Silom, I went through Patpong market for a laugh. It reminded me of Pattaya; old men with Thai wives, weird strip club bars and people advertising ping pong shows. It’s sad that people come here for that and don’t see the real Thailand.

Baby labor - Silom, Thailand
Baby labor – Silom, Thailand


Bangkok is always super busy but it’s cool to stop by for a visit. Next stop is Siem Reap for the “tourist pilgrimage” to Angkor Wat. Most people go to Cambodia to see Angkor Wat and i’m not sure if I will enjoy it. I hate busy places. Tourist spots are always packed and it spoils the atmosphere so perhaps I can try and go super early to beat the crowds.

Cambodia should be fun. I’ve done almost no research into Siem Reap or Phnom Penh so I don’t know what to expect. The Bangkok to Cambodia flight was decent; Thai Smile Air are a good cheap airline and wayyyyy better than Air Asia. I got into Siem Reap late and spent my leftover Chinese money on the entry visa, good job I kept it.

First impressions of Cambodia are that it’s super laid back and relatively cheap. Cambodia has beat my cheap beer record which is now at 37p a beer, putting Budapest’s 45p a beer into second place. 37p a beer is going to be hard to beat, maybe i’ll find a cheaper beer somewhere. It beats paying £12 a beer in Bahrain. I am going to Angkor Wat to see the sunrise so it’s a very early start and then onto the capitol city, Phnom Penh for a few days.

Saussages - Siem Reap, Cambodia
Saussages – Siem Reap, Cambodia