Back in Seoul for a week then i’m off to Osaka

24th April 2016

After almost a week in Kuala Lumpur was enough time in the city. I went to KL because it’s cheap to fly to South Korea. My flight wasn’t till 8pm so I had a lot of time to kill in the airport and decided to work on something new. I come up with It’s just a simple website, but it may grow into something cool over time.

My flight to Seoul was using Vietnam airlines and it had a layover in Ho Chi Minh. If you ever have the choice of using Vietnam airlines then it is worth it. Lots of leg room, nice food, nice beer and it was just a nice flight. So much different to the Airasia flight to Seoul the first time. 6 hours with my knees in the back of the person in front.

I was in Seoul early Sunday morning. After clearing immigration and getting the KTX train into the city it was already 7am. I had no battery on my laptop or phone and I needed to get to my Airbnb; I was in hunt of a coffee shop. Walking around Hongdae at 7am on a Sunday is weird. The place was a ghost town apart from the leftovers of the night before. Some of the bars and karaoke bangs were still going strong. All of the 24 hour coffee shops I could find, ironically were closed. I managed to find a coffee shop, so I charged up and got to the Airbnb for a sleep.

Namdaemun Market - Seoul, South Korea
Namdaemun Market – Seoul, South Korea

This week in Seoul

I have been staying in a tiny room with just enough space for a desk and a bed. I travel with almost nothing so it wasn’t a problem and the place even does laundry for free which is a bonus. It’s a bit difficult to take a photo of the room because it’s so small and I don’t have a fisheye lense.

Coming back to Seoul again has been different. I haven’t been going out to all the tourist areas of the city because i’ve already done that. Instead I have just been walking about in search of good food. The weather here has been perfect, nice and warm but not too hot, almost like a warm day back in the UK.

This weekend was a bit of a disappointment, all day Saturday and half of Sunday I was ill with a dodgy stomach. I did manage to get out and see Seoul fish market. It was an exprience.

Lady at Noryangjin Fisheries Wholesale Market - Seoul, South Korea
Lady at Noryangjin Fisheries Wholesale Market – Seoul, South Korea

Noryangjin Fisheries Wholesale Market (노량진수산시장)

Noryangjin Fisheries isn’t far from Hongdae on the train. I’ve not been there so I thought I would have a look about. I don’t know how your supposed to get there from the train station but I ended up walking down some motorway. I eventually got to where maps on my phone was saying it was. There wers polystirene boxes everywhere and the smell of Morrisons fish counter in the air. I thought I had found the place.

Walking into the fish market was confusing. At first it looked like a pet shop with all the fish tanks. It was when I saw a man smash a fish in the head with a hammer confirmed it wasn’t a pet shop. I was at the fish market.

Reaching for a giant crab - Seoul, South Korea
Reaching for a giant crab – Seoul, South Korea

I love markets and I’ve never been to a fish market this big. There was all kinds of weird exotic seafood. Sea cucumbers. Sea pineapples? Eating Octopus is about as exotic as it gets for me I think, i’ve got a taste for octopus at the minute. Im excited to go to Japan and eat proper Takoyaki.

I was hungry till I came to this place. I saw some man sat down eating something that was still alive. It looked like legs of a squid just wriggling about in his chop sticks. This place was hectic, I was loving it. Some lady had a big bucket full of what looked like worms, she offered me to try one. I declined.

Moving on. Yeouinaru Hangang park was nearby so I took a walk over in the 22 degree heat. This place is cool; it’s right by the river always busy and theres some good street food. I got a corn dog and just sat in the sun watching the hipsters trying to ride in a straight line on their skateboards.

Kingler for sale - Noryangjin Fisheries Wholesale Market Seoul
Kingler for sale – Noryangjin Fisheries Wholesale Market Seoul

Moving On

It’s been good coming back to Seoul. I could live here and not get bored. Moving on from Seoul, I am going to Osaka in the week. Japan has always been one of the countries I have really wanted to visit and now it’s finally happening. I love Japanese food and now i’m excited to eat some of my favorite food.

Hopefully Osaka will live up to my expectations. They will probably think Godzilla is back in town, or was that Tokyo?