A Day in Ayutthaya

28th January 2014

So somebody told me I should go here and so a few days later I got a minivan there from Victory Monument and had a look about. The place is very old and it was once a bustling city which is clear from what is left. So like 500 years ago the place was rammo in comparison to today being relatively calm.

Some tuk tuk driver approached me saying he’d drive me anywhere for 200฿ an hour so I took his offer and made the most of it. He was expecting me to spend half an hour at each place but i’m not dumb. He took me to a small old temple that I do not remember the name of. It was impressing but nothing worth spending more than 10 minutes at so I returned to the bloke spooked as to why I wanted to go so sharpish.

An Old Temple in Ayutthaya

He took off and took me to some modern day temple, but you seen one and you seen them all and I just told him to go somewhere better. I wasn’t being disrespectful but I wanted to see something with history, something showing the legacy of an old city.

We went to one of the main touristy temples, Wat Chaiwatthanaram and foreigners had to pay 50฿ to get into the grounds so I just stood at the edge and took a load of pictures. The place looked really impressive and it reminded me somewhat of Ankor Wat in Cambodia (i’ll go there one day). After thinking about some mortal combat sh*t that probably happened here, I went without paying to get in. If theres one thing I hate in life, then that is getting mugged off. It’s only cheap but I could see it perfectly fine from the outside.

Wat Chaiwatthanaram

This place was cool but it was just another tourist attraction with the perfectly trimmed grass and nicely maintained structures. After a few pictures Mr. Tuk Tuk and I went to the next place, he was looking rather worried and took me to another place I didn’t want to go into and so I asked him to take me to the central palace grounds. By the time we arrived at this place, an hour had conveniently passed and I payed him the 200฿ we had initially agreed and he was so angry that I wasn’t paying him any more that he followed me around a public park for half an hour threatening to call the police on me because I wanted to go to too many places. He ended up buying a Strawberry Fanta from some stand and walked off. Good choice on the Strawberry Fanta.

In the grounds of the historical park there was some sort of sick (in a bad way) Elephant attraction. It is cool that people are going out and experiencing new things but this should never happen, this one was dancing and making noises. They are wild animals, not circus attractions, people were even riding them about on little picknick benches ontop of them.

Animal Cruelty Right Here

Moving on through the park and away from Mr. Tuk Tuk I headed towards the greatest find of the day; Wat Phra Si Sanphet. This place was incredible and despite the entry fee I just walked straight in because i’m hard as nails. It looks like something from a film, big structures about to fall down, held up by some dodgy scaffolding and although there was people climbing all over the bloody thing I think I got some good shots on the Voigtlander.

After leaving this place I headed back to the train station and got the train back to Bangkok. The journey back was cool going very slowly through the suburbs of the city, stopping off at every little station and you could see the precariously built slums build on posts in sewage, it is crazy how some people can live. You would go along some stretches of the track and there is front doors opening onto the tracks.