Athens is a cool city

11th December 2016

My plan was to stay in Israel until the 15th of December for a flight back to the UK. I didn’t like Israel and it’s expensive so a cheap flight to Athens was a better idea. Out of Israel there was only a few cheap places to fly to. It seems like everybody has been to Greece, so I thought I’d check out Athens for a bit before heading home for Christmas.

View from the Acropolis - Athens, Greece
View from the Acropolis – Athens, Greece

As expected, the Israel border police thought I was a terrorist again. They were getting funny with me even for leaving the country; I was leaving so I was a bit cheeky with the security. I refused to tell them what religion I am; it’s not a problem if I’m not religious right?

I got into Greece without any terrorism interogation and Athens is my kind of place. It’s a bit run down and there are loads of graffiti and of murals on buildings. It’s just cool to walk through the streets and see what’s going on.

Leading up to the Acropolis - Athens, Greece
Leading up to the Acropolis – Athens, Greece

I’m a massive fan of flea markets and on the Sunday the streets were lined with people just selling any old shit. The flea market I found wasn’t like most of the others you would find in Europe. These people were selling more than just rusty old cutlery and broken kitchen appliances, it was mostly antiques.

I was on the hunt for a Kiev2 camera seeing as I missed out going to the factory in Kiev. Flea markets know they can rip off tourists and some were asking 100 euros for old ass rusty broken cameras. I’ll have to go back to Kiev to see the camera factory another time.

Bit of tape should fix it - Athens, Greece
Bit of tape should fix it – Athens, Greece

I didn’t really get up to much in Athens. The famous place in the city is the Parthenon and it for some reason it was free entry the day I went Most Historical sites are a bit boring but the whole Acropolis complex was cool. You walk up the hill past a load of old fallen down buildings towards the Parthenon. It was nice to just chill at the top. The Parthenon was under restoration but the weather was super clear and the view over the city was awesome..

Athens is Easily one of my favorite places in Europe. I only stayed a few days before booking a €14 flight to Rome. The weather this time of the year is a bit cold so Athens is going to be nicer in the 30+ degree summer weather. Although only seeing Athens, Greece seems like a nice place. I drank some local beer, ate some nice food and the atmosphere in the city was cool.

Noctua micro brewery - Athens, Greece
Noctua micro brewery – Athens, Greece
Mural in Athens, Greece
Mural in Athens, Greece