Armenia and the Caucasus Mountains

9th October 2016

I flew out of Kiev, left Europe behind and headed to Armenia. It was cheaper to fly to Georgia but I wanted to see Armenia. You cannot cross into Azerbaijan from Armenia so I just decided to start off in Armenia. Yerevan’s best hostel seems to be Envoy hostels and includes free breakfast which I made the most of.

Armenia is all about mountains and hiking, i’m not into that so I just stayed inside the city.

I find that Europe has too many annoying faux-hippy backpackers just looking to get drunk all the time. Armenia isn’t the most obvious destination so it attracted a different crowd. People traveling here seem to have visited a lot of countries and had plenty of advice on central Asia. I have wanted to see Iran but never met anybody who’s been there but in Armenia a few people recommended going.

Republic Square - Yerevan, Armenia
Republic Square – Yerevan, Armenia


Yerevan is the capital city with about 1 million people. It’s small in comparison to Tokyo or Shanghai but it’s a cool place. What makes Yerevan stand out is the colour of the buildings, everything just has a cool aesthetic. Some of the buildings are bright red, others orange and some a weird purple.

I would have more photos to show but one day my camera battery died 10 mins after walking about and the other day my SD card was full. Bad excuses but it’s a faff heading back and waiting for a battery to charge.

Holy Mother of God Katoghike Church - Yerevan, Armenia
Holy Mother of God Katoghike Church – Yerevan, Armenia

Food is one of my main reasons to travel. Eating noodles in China, Pizzas in Italy etc… Armenian food is awesome. I had some amazing mutton soup with bread; it was simple but good. I can’t wait to go through central Asia and see what food and maybe try some weird goats brain stew or something.

Government of the Republic of Armenia
Government of the Republic of Armenia

Onto Georgia

After a brief stay in Yerevan, Tbilisi in Georgia is next. Armenia was a cool country. Lots of good food, good cheap hostels, hot weather (if you class 25 as hot) and Yerevan would be a nice city to live in. From Yerevan, Tbilisi is a 6 hour minibus ride through the Caucasus mountains. I’m weirdly excited for the minibus trip.

Overlooking Yerevan Armenia
Overlooking Yerevan Armenia