Another Week in Bangkok

29th October 2015

For October i’ve been by the sea for the majority of the month but it gets boring there as its well touristy so another week in Bangkok should be decent. After staying in average places most of the month, I decided to check into somewhere a bit swanky. Theres a place right next to Silom MRT i’ve walked past a few times so I thought that would be a good central place to stay. I felt a bit out of place walking through the massive entrance hall in a some plain looking shorts and t-shirts and theres people in there with suits on but I don’t care.

This place was so fancy. I was loving it. They had a steak house that sold Wagyu beef, a barber shop and a library the lot. What hotel needs a library? Apparently 50 Cent has stayed there too which is quite funny. I only stayed here 2 nights but it was a good break from staying in cockroach infested rooms and shit-hole hostels.

Dusit Thani Bangkok Entrance Hall

After checking out of Dusit Thani I went round the corner to a Hostel called The Cube Hostel on Saladaeng Road and it’s a much newer and cleaner hostel compared to some others i’ve stayed in. The advantage of where I am staying in Silom is that there is a co-working space (Silom Space) right across the road and a million food stalls within a 5minute walk I am set for life.

If anyone is working and traveling and is looking for somewhere to work in Bangkok then Silom Space is the place to work out of purely because of it’s proximity to Saladaeng BTS station and Silom MRT. I think it’s only recently opened because it looks quite new and it is quiet but it seems really good.

Silom Space - Silom, Bangkok

Food in Bangkok

I was that bloke and took photos of food… many times in fact

I’ve not been in Bangkok all month and I love street food so I was excited to be eating really good, cheap food again. Lunchtime I got what looked like boat noodle soup (i’m probably wrong) and an ice tea at the Chatuchak Weekend Market. It was pretty good and at about £1.20 for noodles and a drink you cant complain.

In the evening I went by the river to the Asiatique night bazar for a wonder about and get some food. Asiatique is a bit commercial but I managed to find some Vietnamese-Thai place which wasn’t really street food and it cost 3 times the price but it was really good. Their Pho was average (ironic seeing as it’s a pho restaurant) but the stir fried pork and basil & their ice tea were really good.

Pork Noodle Soup

Loads of Thai Food

I got really ill after eating a load of street food so I wasn’t feeling too good for a couple of days so I needed to really good food. I’ve never been to a BBQ restaurant so I went to Terminal 21 on Sukhumvit road one evening and found a Japanese BBQ buffet and Japanese food was already one of favorite things to eat but this was something else. It was a chain restaurant but it was good, the buffet was ฿499 which is about £10 which is a lot for food in Thailand but compared to back in the UK it’s a bargain.

The restaurant I ate at was called Tohkai Yakiniku and they had a menu of about 15 different beef steaks, 15 different pork steaks and 10 different chicken choices and some seafood which i’m not to fussed with. Prawns with shells on are faff.

I must have worked my way through most of the menu and I managed an hour and a half. It’s safe to say Asian BBQ is my new favorite food. I was there that long that the table next to me had 2 different sets of people sit there and eat in the time I was sat down. They must have thought I was boring not ordering ant salads or rice and just meat. I was making the most out of it.

I really want to try Wagyu beef now, that’s my next goal but seeing as it’s £50+ for a steak i’ll have to have it for my birthday or something. You can see some beef and pork steaks in the image below, I must have had 10 sirloin steaks alone.

BBQ Restaurant in Terminal 21