Amman, Jordan

29th November 2016

Amman is the capital city of Jordan. I couldn’t visit the country and not stay in the capital so the next stop was Amman. I got the 4pm tourist bus from Petra to Amman for 10JD (about £11). There is a non tourist bus for 5JD but it leaves in the morning and I had things to do that day.

Four hours of driving through the desert the sunset and I was almost in Amman. It was weird seeing road signs for the Iraq border, I guess it’s only a few hours east of Amman.

Box head - Amman, Jordan
Box head – Amman, Jordan

I got into the city late, checked into the Jordan Tower Hostel and headed out to see some of the city. All I have seen of Jordan so far has been Wadi Musa and I thought Jordan is expensive. Amman is cheap so I guess Wadi Musa just had inflated tourist prices.

Amman has so many hills and it’s good for photos but so tiring. It also feels like the city is too spread out and there is a city center but it’s small. I got a taxi to the nearest mall and it was a 10 minute drive away and for some h&m costs 3 times the prices. There is loads to see in and around Amman but it seems difficult to get about here. It’s either get a taxi around or go on a guided tour.

Pet shop or dinner? - Amman, Jordan
Pet shop or dinner? – Amman, Jordan

I am staying nearby the citadel so I decided to see it one afternoon. After getting lost I just ended up walking through the busy city. Street photography is more my style so it was good to walk through the streets and photograph the locals. That’s what so many people forget about when traveling. People show all the tourist attractions and miss out what makes the city.

Apologies for the short post. Between working on something new, traveling and just being lazy I haven’t been out as much as normal. After seeing Petra, historical sites will be just another place. It’s going to be hard to beat Petra. The middle east has been awesome so far and it sucks that so many countries are inaccessible…. Iran if your reading this then please give me a visa.

Backstreets of Amman, Jordan
Backstreets of Amman, Jordan

Next stop Palestine/Israel.. hopefully

Palestine’s only open border crossing (I think) with Jordan is close by Amman. After the headache of crossing into Israel from Egypt I am expecting it to take a whole day to cross the border. Crossing the Jordan/Palestine is going to be more searches, more questions but it’s ok; I expect it this time.

All the eggs in one basket - Amman, Jordan
All the eggs in one basket – Amman, Jordan
Arabic window shopping - Amman, Jordan
Arabic window shopping – Amman, Jordan