A Weekend in Seoul

9th November 2015

Last weekend I flew to Seoul on the Friday night with no sleep. I was in Korea with no sleep and no money so the weekend wasn’t that great. This weekend I had plenty of time to just walk around the city.

I’m in no rush to visit everywhere in Seoul in one weekend so I just went on foot to properly see the city and not just tourist hot spots.

Friday evening I went out and had some beers in Hongdae for some some Gin & juices and dumplings on the way home. Hongdae seems a bit hipster but it’s alright I guess. A gin and juice cost about £4 but they pour them strong so it’s decent.

Saturday I had to check out of the hostel I stayed at. If anyone is travelling to Seoul then go and stay at Dustin Guesthouse. I had a good stay at the hostel and I will most likely return there before I leave Seoul. I was busy most of the week but the location is right on the airport to Seoul station train line and the host is nice. After checking into the apartment room I have for the month I just walked in a direction towards city hall.

Statue Near the Gyeongbokgung Palace

Gyeongbokgung Palace

Gyeongbokgung Palace is the main tourist attraction in the city. I thought I should check it out despite the bad weather.

Walking from city hall, I walked towards the palace and it turns out it was the Seoul Kimchi Festival. I love Kimchi so I stopped in there and got a couple of samples. Koreans must love the food a lot to dedicate a festival to it.

Seoul Kimchi Festval 2016

Just as I got into the Gyeongbokgung palace and past all the rude old Chinese people it started to rain quite bad. The rain was getting my camera lense wet so I couldn’t get any good photographs, but I got an alright photo. It was nice to have a walk around the palace in the autumn with all the coloured trees. I can imagine Gyeongbokgung being beautiful in the snow or the heat of the summer. I went on a cold and rainy November and it was still nice.

For the rest of the Saturday I just walked about the city. I ate chicken and beer and then headed to Myeong-dong later in the evening. One I day want to own a Rolex so I did some window shopping and walked about some more shopping centres. I’ve been on the hunt for some good shoes to walk in but nowhere in Asia sells shoes larger than a UK 10.

All in all on Saturday, according to the iOS health app I did 22km and 46 flights of stairs.

A Rainy Gyeongbokgung Palace

N Seoul Tower

Namsan mountain is in the center of Seoul and about a half hour walk from where I am staying. I got to the tower and walked up the mountain to the cable car and gave in and just paid to go up the easy way.

At the top, you can see the whole of Seoul and the mountains in the background. I was there on a bit of a poor day but it was a good view so I can imagine it being an amazing view on a sunny clear day. If you are coming to Seoul then you need to go up the tower.

After descending back down the tower I was going to check out the Seoul Lantern Festival. The rain was bad so I just got some street food and went home.

View of Namsan Mountain and Seoul

Still To Do In Seoul

This weekend I will be on checking out a few more places in Seoul and also staying on the hunt for the illusive UK11 shoes.

The top of the list of things to do are to visit the Bukchon Village in the day and the Lantern festival at night. I’ll have a look online for something to do throughout the day, maybe visit the city wall.

I was thinking of the possibility of going to the North Korea DMZ. I’m not sure I want to hear to a load of US propaganda and you don’t see much more than a building. I’d rather visit the DMZ from the north side one day, maybe next year.