A Weekend in Kiev

7th October 2016

Kiev is a city i’ve always wanted to see and a lot of people traveling Europe seem to love the city. Soon I will be leaving Europe and my last stop was Kiev.

I arrived into the train station at 2am and headed to the hostel. The taxi driver had an old BMW and was showing me how fast it went around the city without any traffic. Kiev Central Station hostel is decent and the staff were super helpful. On Saturday I got a map with loads of places to check out and went on a 5 or 6 hour trek around the city. It’s a cool city; I like the atmosphere. Just walking the streets, going on the metro and having a beer in a pub is a decent way to see a city.

Mural in Kiev, Ukraine
Mural in Kiev, Ukraine

Sunday Flea Market

I was talking with the hostel owners and they mentioned a Sunday flea market a little out of the city. I love a good old flea market so they offered to take me out to and just show me about. It’s worth a visit if your in Kiev, just search for Kurenyovka market on the internet.

Humans for sale? Sunday flea market - Kiev, Ukraine
Humans for sale? Sunday flea market – Kiev, Ukraine

We drove through Kiev for about 20 minutes then arrived at a busy market along the tram tracks. This flea market was different to any i’ve been to before, this one was less organised. Vendors here just set up mats on the floor and were selling anything. You would see people selling trolley wheels and suit cases full of bricks.. people selling old broken electronics. It’s hectic, most of it was useless but it’s cool to see.

I was looking for some Soviet relics. Markets all over eastern Europe have a lot of soviet era items but this one seemed to have more variety. Someone was selling old belt buckles with the hammer and sickle ☭ on which i’ve not seen before. In the end I bought a load of old Ukrainian and Russian bank notes with the communist branding and Lenin on. I love collecting bank notes because it don’t take up too much space.

Lady at the Sunday flea market - Kiev, Ukraine
Lady at the Sunday flea market – Kiev, Ukraine
Sunday flea market - Kiev, Ukraine.jpg
Sunday flea market – Kiev, Ukraine.jpg

Thoughts on Ukraine

Ukraine is awesome and it’s one of the nicer countries in eastern Europe. What I also love about the country is how affordable it is. Last Monday I got into Odessa and withdrew £100 out of the ATM and it has lasted me a week.. I’ve drank loads of beer, eaten some good food and travelled half way across the country…. and still have money leftover.

My next destination was a difficult decision but Kiev is in a good city to go from. To the north is Belarus, Russia is east and then Georgia is south east. Belarus and Russia are difficult to get Visas so I booked a cheap flight to Yerevan, Armenia. From Armenia I can travel overland through Georgia and into Azerbaijan. You can’t cross the Armeina/Azerbaijan border so I decided to see Armenia first.

Funicular cable car entrance - Kiev, Ukraine
Funicular cable car entrance – Kiev, Ukraine