A Week in Krakow, Poland

2nd March 2016

After three weeks in Prague the last weekend involved a lot of drinking and the next day was the longest day ever. Sitting in a train station hungover with no local money waiting for a train is not nice. By 11pm I was on the sleeper train heading for Krakow feeling loads better.

I have been on sleeper trains before; this one was loud and bumpy and I only managed to get 3 hours sleep. Waking up to the sunrise over the Polish countryside was a good start to the day despite the lack of sleep. I was in the apartment by 9am and out to a coffee shop the rest of the day.

Sleeper trains are a good way to travel and keep it nice and cheap. Most of the time it is cheaper than flying and you save money on somewhere to stay for the night. Two sleeper train tickets from Prague to Krakow with a 2 bed reservation was about 2400CZK (70 GBP).

If you are planning on doing something similar. The cheapest way to book sleeper trains from Prague is at Prague train station (Praha hlavní nádraží). Just go to the international ticket office a few days in advance and they are helpful enough.

Krakow City

I only planned to stay in Krakow for a week. I expected it to be like other Eastern European cities. There is a much cooler vibe here compared to other places like Prague or Budapest. It’s quieter and it seems much more friendly. I wish I had booked a longer stay; it’s about as cheap as Thailand here, just shame about the temperature.

Krakow has been a good city, it’s a lot smaller than other cities i’ve been to this year, but it’s just as nice. I would prefer to go come back to Krakow over any of the other cities i’ve been to this year. The food wasn’t great, but the place just has something about it.

I was busy all week in Krakow so I didn’t get much time to go out taking photos in the daylight. I spent most of the week in coffee shops. The main reason for going to Krakow was to visit Auschwitz. It was an experience and I will upload a separate post about that.

Auschwitz Block 1
Auschwitz Block 1


I’ve decided to head back out to Thailand. It’s the cheapest place to fly to in south east Asia and then I will go from there. Sunday morning was the long journey to Warsaw, then flying back home.

It was cheaper to get the train half way across the country and fly back from the capital. I got to Warsaw train station and the next train to the airport was in 10 minutes. The information desk said buy a ticket on the train. Once on the train I almost got a hefty fine from some dodgy looking train conductor and he wasn’t having any of it. He was threatening to call the police but, luckily I sorted him £10 and he let it slip.

I’m back home now and this time round it feels good. Coming back from Asia was a bit of a shame because the food there is so nice. I don’t think I will be missing eastern European food any time soon.

Once again, i’ll be on my way back to Thailand but this time it’s coming into rainy season so it might be different.