A few weeks in Prague, Czech Republic

22nd February 2016

Prague is a famous city and it is cheap so I just wanted to go there, eat loads of meat and drink loads of beer. I found a nice apartment on Airbnb for 3 weeks for a reasonable price. First impressions coming here from Budapest is that the two cities are similar.

Prague Castle

Prague castle looks massive, so I decided to go there first and see what is is like. I got off at the nearest metro station only to be greeted by loads of overweight angry men waving flags. The flags had signs of mosques crossed out so I can assume it was the Czech equivalent of a EDL march. Just like any racist march, they stopped off at the pub and I just went on towards the castle. Prague castle was a right off. Because of the march there was police guarding the whole castle.

I decided to try out Prague castle one day when it snowed. It is impressive but it’s nothing compared to English castles. Too many people is just annoying.  It was full of selfie stick wielding tourists which spoiled it a bit but there is a good viewpoint over Prague.

Prague Castle, Czech Republic
Prague Castle, Czech Republic
St. Vitus Cathedral - Prague, Czech Republic
St. Vitus Cathedral – Prague, Czech Republic

Pubs in Prague

I love beer. Prague is all about beer. I found a cool pub called U Fleků. If your going to Prague then you need to go there. You sit on a big long table and a man comes round with a big tray of their dark beer. I’m no beer expert and the beer wasn’t the best i’ve ever had but it was decent.

Besides U Fleků, I didn’t come across many amazing pubs. There are a lot of really good pubs and outside of the tourist traps a beer is about 30czk or £1.

Prague, Czech Republic

I’m Being Lazy

I’ve been so lazy with my website and just doing stuff and things. I need to keep myself busy and i’ve been working on a few things so i’ve not had much time for much else. This is another short post. I’ve been in Prague three weeks now and i’ve not got much to write about. I just think i’m a bit bored of Europe. I’ve got no inspiration to go out and take photos or see anything.

I am considering going back out to somewhere in Asia. I have already been to Thailand but it’s so cheap I might just go for a month and save money for Tokyo. Kathmandu in Nepal also looks cheap and it might be interesting but I don’t know what to do.

I’m sat here writing this post in a Costa, waiting all day with my stuff to get a sleeper train to Poland. Next week should be good. Krakow looks nice from what i’ve seen on the internet. I guess i’ll see what it’s like.