Pandas in Chengdu

21st June 2017

Sichuan is the home of the Giant Panda and Chengdu has the most famous Panda breeding centre so that’s where I headed. You can hike through the forest and see wild Pandas but I’m too lazy to hike all day and have the chance of not seeing a single Panda. The place where I’m staying wrote me…

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China Hong Kong

Hong Kong to Chongqing

18th June 2017

I visited China last year and ever since, i’ve wanted to go back and see as much of the country as possible. Hong Kong’s Chinese embassy issue 2 days visas without requiring any proof of itinerary which is a perfect place to start. Getting to Guilin After an uneventful couple of days in HK the…

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Hong Kong Japan South Korea

Photos from Tokyo, Seoul and Hong Kong

11th May 2017

It’s been a while since i’ve posted on here. I’ve not been up to a whole lot; just traveling around East Asia eating noodles and taking photos. Re-visiting cities isn’t the best because then I get lazy and just re-visit what I have already seen.  I’m writing this from a small city in Taiwan so…

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Brunei Indonesia Malaysia

Malaysian Borneo, Brunei and onto Bali

25th February 2017

Borneo is one of the largest islands in the world and I cannot sum up the island in one post. My camera is currently in for repair so I felt a bit lost walking about not taking pictures. There’s some awesome pictures I missed out on and the iPhone camera is good but nothing compared to a…

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Singapore Thailand

My camera is broken

1st February 2017

Recently I have missed out on a lot of photos because the images would be covered in dust spots. I left Hong Kong and headed back to Thailand and found a camera store online to get it cleaned properly. It turns out that my camera has a common problem in that the sensor corrodes. To get the camera fixed,…

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Hong Kong

New York to Hong Kong

28th January 2017

USA has been good and I would love to live in NYC at some point to scope out the city. Apartments in New York are too expensive so I won’t be doing that any time soon. As for now; I miss Asia so I am returning to Hong Kong for Chinese New Year. When my…

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United States

New York City is more than Manhattan

22nd January 2017

A few days of walking around Manhattan was enough so I decided to check out some other areas of NYC. I don’t know about the rest of the US but NYC has specific ethnic groups in each neighborhoods. One neighborhood will have loads of Mexicans and taco shops then 2 minutes down the road it’s…

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United States

New year same me

19th January 2017

Christmas and New Year was nice to go home and chill out, but it’s always good to go away again. This year I’m starting out in NYC. Getting to New York A flight from London to New York JFK cost £147 and goes via Stockholm, Sweden. The whole journey was long with 5 hour wait…

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Athens is a cool city

11th December 2016

My plan was to stay in Israel until the 15th of December for a flight back to the UK. I didn’t like Israel and it’s expensive so a cheap flight to Athens was a better idea. Out of Israel there was only a few cheap places to fly to. It seems like everybody has been to Greece, so…

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My thoughts on Palestine

6th December 2016

Western media is in favor of Israel and people automatically think that Palestine is bad. Israel restricts Palestinians rights, takes away their land and gets away with all sorts. I wanted to see Palestine for myself and make my own opinion. I headed out to Bethlehem early morning with the intention of seeing a few…

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